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3030 Industrial Aluminium Profiles - JiaHua

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3030 Industrial Aluminium Profiles - JiaHua

3030 aluminum profiles is a widely used industrial profiles. It's easy to find it in our daily life. The reason why it’s widely us is that the purity of 3030 industrial aluminum profiles is higher.


Nowadays, the purity of aluminum normally can reach 90% - 95%. Because this purity of aluminum profiles will be more satisfied with the needs of the customers. And the thickness of 3030 aluminum profiles will decide the ability to afford. Then it will influence the price.


Usually, the thickness of 3030 aluminum profiles will have two parts. One is a thin part, which will be 1.0 mm. The other one is thick part, it’s 2.0mm. Most of the suppliers they use this part as the thickness of the profiles. But actually, the standard is the thin part.


Besides, 3030 aluminum profiles have many sizes. For example, R shape, and G shape. The R shape of 3030 aluminum profiles, its thickness is 1.2mm for thin part. Thick part is 2.2mm. About the G shape, the thickness of aluminum profiles is average. The thin part and thick part is 2.3mm.


Different thickness of aluminum profiles will influence the price and application. The customer can decide the thickness base on the application.




The main application of 3030 aluminum profiles is frame assemble.  It includes many kinds of the frame structure. Such as, Pipeline frame, splicing screen frame, shield frame, clean room frame, clean shed frame, mechanical equipment frame, etc.


Other miscellaneous frame applications: 3030 industrial aluminum profiles can be used not only in the industrial and household industries, but also in many places that are not visible to ordinary people. They are also used in scientific research test frames, military frames, and storage equipment frames. The solar-framed shelf is the first.



The load capacity:


The bearing capacity of 3030 industrial aluminum profiles can only be regarded as relatively general. There are some kinds of aluminum profile is better than 3030. Such as: 100100, 9090, 8080 and 6060. Etc


3030 profiles can be used to make many kinds of frame. But it also influences by the load capacity.For example, the size of the frame is 90 lengths, 45 widths, 80 heights. This frame only can afford 150kg to 250kg.Therefore, the 3030 profiles are suitable for medium frame assemble.

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