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Aluminium alloy doors and windows 60, 70, 80 series difference

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Aluminium alloy doors and windows 60, 70, 80 series difference

In the process of selecting doors and windows, in addition to the type of profile (ordinary aluminium alloy, broken bridge aluminium), the functional design of doors and windows, the way of opening the window (casement, sliding, external suspension, internal opening and internal inverted) and other aspects of the choice, we also need to refer to the dimensions of the window and door profiles to choose the doors and windows that are suitable for the size of your house.

Regarding the size, many people have questions about the difference between 60, 70, 80 series of aluminium alloy doors and windows, so what exactly do these parameters refer to?

60, 70, 80 series of distinction lies in the width of the profile section, in order of 6 cm, 7 cm, 8 cm;

Our company's existing moulds offer two thicknesses, 1.2mm and 1.4m. Due to the different widths, the 80 series uses the most material, which is more resistant to wind pressure and stronger, and correspondingly more expensive.

At the same time, the wider width of the window frame means that the 80 series has more free space than the other series, and the sealing adhesive strips and furring strips in its window body depend on these spaces to ensure sufficient thickness.

The insulating glass of the window sash (generally 5mm+9Amm+5mm), or you can choose a wider hollow layer of 15mm or even wider, so that the sound insulation effect will be better.

But actually choosing the window model also need to consider their own balcony sill area, size, because 70, 80 series means it will take up more sill area.

Overall, in fact, 60, 70 and 80 series in achieving the function of the window is the same, there is no distinction between good and bad.

In the process of choosing the main consideration of the environment, such as living in higher floors of the residents, out of the window wind pressure resistance and safety considerations, it is recommended to choose more than 70 series. Even 90, 108 series.

Coupled with price factors and sill area comprehensive consideration, choose the most suitable aluminium alloy doors and windows series


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