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Aluminum will be the main material of bridge -2

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Aluminum will be the main material of bridge -2

Aluminum profiles have many advantages but it also meet many challenges. For example, it elastic and Fatigue strength is lower than steel. And The strength and performance of solder joints and their heat-affected zone have been greatly reduced, and the price of raw materials is also high. 

Mardi Group they use fusion welding and selected alloy design to make hundred of aluminum alloy bridge construction.“MAKE-A-Bridge” is the famous structure of these bridge structure. This design adopt interlock instead of welding. Now it can successfully pass 15-ton cars. 

ABC (acceleratd bridge construction) technology is the common use way to build an aluminum bridge. It separates the bridge into series of part.And assemble the aluminum profiles in the factory. And then it is transported to the construction site for assembly, and can be hoisted within the predetermined time without affecting the traffic. Because the installation of bridge plates does not require welding technology and large equipment, the installation time can be compressed very short. Even unskilled workers can install a prefabricated bridge deck in 10 minutes, and a 30-meter span bridge can be completed in about 1 day.

6061 alloy can be the material of the beam bridge.

90% of aluminum bridge is use 6061 aluminum extrusion profile. 6061 alloy is a Ai-Mg-Si-Cu-Cr aluminum alloy which is created by Alcoa company. 

The range of Solution treatment temperature for 6061 aluminum alloy is big. So it easy to be under control. The below is the Mechanical properties of 6061 aluminum alloy.

General Chemical Composition of 6061 alloy


Mechanical Properties of Sections under Room Temperature 

AlloyTemperTensile Strength Yield StrengthStretching rateFatigue strengthHardness
T4. T451240145229565
T6. T651310275129595

Relationship between mechanical properties and temperature of 6061 alloy extruded material

TemperTemperatureTensile StrengthYeld strengthStretching rate
T6 T651-26948538025

The corrosion resistance of 6061 alloy: The potential for SCE (saturated dry mercury electrode) in 2.67% AlCl3 solution is -876.9mV and the pitting potential is -704.2 mV; T6 material has not found stress corrosion cracking in the laboratory and actual use, and T4 material is actually used There is no stress corrosion cracking, but this kind of corrosion is observed in the thickness direction of the board during the laboratory test, and there is peeling corrosion, but it has no effect on actual use.

6061 alloy has good fusion welding performance and can also be brazed. It is a heat-strengthened classic alloy with medium-strength extrusion performance, excellent forming performance, and good surface treatment properties. It is widely used in general industrial structures and transportation equipment.

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