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Comparison of the advantages of unit glass curtain wall and frame glass curtain wall

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Comparison of the advantages of unit glass curtain wall and frame glass curtain wall

Unitized curtain wall

The unit glass curtain wall is a combination of aluminum alloy frame, glass, spacer, insulation material, shock absorption and waterproof material and decorative fabrics in the factory into a curtain wall unit with additional iron parts, which is transported to the construction by a special transport vehicle. After the scene, the erection and assembly on the site directly connected to the glass curtain wall of the building structure.

Component curtain wall

The frame type glass curtain wall is to transport the completed components in the workshop to the construction site, and install the components on the building structure one by one according to the construction process, and finally complete the installation of the curtain wall.

Advantages of a unitized glass curtain wall:

1 The quality of the curtain wall is easy to control. 2 On-site construction is simple, fast and well managed. 3 can accommodate larger structural displacements. 4 waterproof performance is better. 5 is relatively easy to achieve high performance curtain wall requirements. 6 is usually able to adapt to the needs of modern building development.

Advantages of framed glass curtain wall:

1 is easier to design and flexible to install. 2 materials are easier to store at the site. 3 easy to repair. 4 The cost is generally lower than the unitized curtain wall.

Comparison of the disadvantages of the unitized glass curtain wall and the framed glass curtain wall:

Disadvantages of unit glass curtain wall:

1 If the installed unit block needs to be repaired or replaced, it may be difficult. 2 The structural form determines that the aluminum profile of the unitized curtain wall is used at a higher cost, and the cost is generally higher than that of the framed curtain wall of the same material.

Disadvantages of framed glass curtain wall:

1 The quality and performance of the curtain wall installation is difficult to guarantee. 2 requires a lot of on-site management and quality control work. 3 is more likely to seep. 4 The structural displacement that can be accommodated is very limited. 5 The construction period of the site is long. 6 A large number of assembly components are easily lost and damaged when stored on the floor. 7 curtain wall installation quality and performance is difficult to guarantee.

In summary, the curtain wall system needs to be selected according to the actual situation of the project. Modern building technology is changing with each passing day, and it is developing rapidly. As an architect must constantly update the knowledge and technology he has mastered through engineering practice, he can make better judgments and better serve the project construction.


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