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Do you know how many types of Glass?

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Do you know how many types of Glass?

Glass is one of important parts of aluminum window. The Insulating glass can help to increase the performance of soundproof and heatproof.

Do you know how is glass produced? Do you know how many kinds of glass? How to choose the suitable glass for the windows? 

The main materials for making glass are: Silica sand, Soda, limestone, borax, boric acid, magnesium oxide and lead dioxide. A variety of different glasses can be produced due to the different raw materials.


1. Normal Temper Glass

It’s heated in the tempering furnace to float near the softening point, and then it is rapidly and evenly cooled, forming uniform compressive stress on the surface, which improves the mechanical strength and effectively improves the wind pressure resistance and impact resistance of the glass. Temper Glass become the common use glass for the aluminum window.


The characteristic of temper glass

a). Safety: It will become the Honeycomb obtuse broken small particles when the broken by the external force. Therefore, it can’t hurt the people.


b). High Hardness: It’s 3 times of normal glass.


c). Stable heat resistance: Good heat stable can afford 3 times of normal glass which reach 200°C


2. Insulating glass

Insulating glass is made by two and more pieces of Glass with the high Use high strength airtight composite binder. The insulating glass have good performance of soundproof and heat insulation, Insulation, condensation and fogging.

Now it’s widely used with thermal break system due to its good at saving energy.


The characteristic of insulating glass

a). Soundproof: It can reduce noise by 30 decibels.


b). thermal insulation performance: it can effectively reduce the heat transfer coefficient u value.


c). Anti-condensation and fogging performance:

Since the spacer of the insulating glass is filled with sufficient desiccant, it can effectively absorb the water vapor which may be infiltrated into the inner cavity and the outside, and ensure that the air in the inner cavity of the insulating glass is absolutely dry, therefore, Has good anti-condensation and fogging properties.


3. Laminated glass

Laminated glass is made under the high temperature and press by two or more piece glass with the Polyvinyl butyral film(PVB).  Because the toughness of the PVB film is very good, when the laminated glass is crushed by the powerful force, the film will absorb a lot of punching skills and quickly decay, because the laminated glass is difficult to be broken, even if the laminated glass is broken, the glass fragments It is basically attached to the film to keep the pieces of the laminated glass from falling off, so it becomes a true "safety glass".


The characteristic of laminated glass

a). Safety: The laminated glass installed on the building receives any external impact, even if the glass is broken, it can be completely kept in the original frame, and there is a certain wind and rain.


b). anti-UV: a great barrier to ultraviolet light in sunlight (up to 99% or more), to avoid ultraviolet radiation.


c). bulletproof and explosion-proof: the use of multi-layer laminated glass can produce a variety of levels of bulletproof, explosion-proof glass.


d). security purposes: because the glass knives can not be used to effectively cut the installed laminated glass, and the use of other tools to penetrate the laminated glass for a long time, the sound is large, it is difficult to cut or break the laminated glass into the room and It is easy to be found if the thief forcibly broke the window and entered.



4. Low-E Glass


LOW-E glass, also known as low-emission coated glass, is a series of films coated with multiple layers of metal or other compounds on the surface of the glass. In winter, it can reflect the heat generated by heating, household appliances and human body back into the room, and reduce the conduction of the glass itself, thus greatly reducing heat loss. In summer, it can reduce the outdoor heat radiation to the room and play a good thermal insulation effect.



The characteristic of Low-E Glass

a). Effectively improve the visible light transmittance, ground reflectivity, low emissivity, lighting range, soft light quality, avoid the generation of light pollution, and create a good ecological environment.


b). Effectively control solar radiation, block infrared radiation in the far-distance, and have a low heat transfer coefficient U value, which enhances the thermal insulation performance and has good thermal insulation and energy saving effects.


c). Effectively block the transmission of ultraviolet rays and prevent the fading of indoor furniture, fabrics and artwork.

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