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Do you know the advantages of aluminum window?

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Do you know the advantages of aluminum window?

Window is one of the important elements of a house, which have the important functions for our home. It’s the bridge which can let the natural light and wind to interior.


Aluminum is one of the most used material in window and doors, due to the many advantage it can offer. Here we present you seven main differential attributes of aluminum windows:


1. Durable

    There is no doubt that the durability of aluminum. It has good corrosion of acid, pest, bad weather. Therefore, its cost of maintain less than other type of windows. What’s more, it can meet your many requirement which is not easy to be destroyed and deformation.


2. Variety of looks and shapes

   Aluminum allows many kinds of surface finish. Such as, Anodizing, wooden Grain finish, powder coating, etc. That can help the aluminum window easy match your house style.

    Aluminum comes in many shapes depending on the application that is required. So you will find a wide range of window system and design styles.

Thanks to its diversity, aluminum allows to realize large glazed structure achieving wide visuals.


Aluminum window

3. Sustainable

    Aluminum is a recyclable material. It can be recycled use in many times without losing its quality. In the 125 years of industry history, 70% aluminum still in use. This sustainability not only allows you to save energy in your home, but it is also good for the earth.

    Details of how the aluminum sustainability please check our article : <How using aluminum profiles contributes to sustainable buildings>



4. Save Energy

    Although the influence of the framework of the window in the energy factor is not the most significant, aluminum window are the most efficient in terms of their level of insulation. It can avoid losses or energy gains through it’s characteristic. What’s more, now aluminum window have the thermal bridge break system which greatly enhanced the insulation functions.


    If you are interesting in the thermal bridge break aluminum profiles, please check our article.

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    Aluminum is a material of great structural strength, which is why it is used in the most demanding buildings. Therefore, the aluminum window is suitable for the high rise building. And UPVC window is not good at it.

6. Fireproof

    In the case of fire the aluminum does not combust, nor emits toxic gases harmful to health, nor is it deformed making it the safest material in this aspect.



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