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Falling sand test for Anodized aluminum profiles

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Falling sand test for Anodized aluminum profiles

Falling sand test was already specified as the main test method of aluminum profiles by the GB5237-2008. It takes the Natural quartz sand as the main material. The principle of this test method is that the abrasive is freely dropped at a certain height, and the surface of the sample is washed, wherein the area of the flushing is about two millimeters, and the wear resistance of the aluminum alloy profile is performed by the free-falling abrasive quality tests.

For the Anodized aluminum profiles, the wear modulus F is no less than 300g/μm. There are different methods for the aluminum profiles with different surface finish.


Abrasion resistance of the aluminum profiles is the technology of assuring the quality of aluminum profile. Usually, the aluminum profiles will produce a protect film after doing the surface finish. It can have the high wear resistance with this film. The wear resistance can help with preventing some frictional forces combine the hardness and cohesion of the coating to create a combined effect that has a large impact on the use of the aluminum profile. The abrasion resistance of the aluminum alloy profile coating can be expressed by the wear resistance index. Generally, the abrasion tester can be used to complete the measurement process.


The main test method in China:

1.  Falling sand test   2.  Sandblasting tester method  3. Wheel mill tester method   4.  Taber test method


How the Falling sand test do? 



Pour a certain amount of sand into the funnel, check the sand flow from the lower end of the pipe, and align the device with the bottom adjustment screw until the two positions at 90 degrees Celsius are observed. The inner core of the sand beam falls just at the center of the sand flow. Use the height adjustment nut to adjust the distance between the pipe and the painted surface. According to the ASTM standard, the nearest point is 1 inch (25mm) when measured in the vertical direction. The user needs to adjust according to the thickness of the sample. The machine is pre-adjusted by 25mm. .

Pour a certain volume of sand and measure the outflow time. The outflow speed should be 2L inside. This speed is derived from the ASTM standard, and when tested with standard sand in the world, we measured the speed of 7L or more for 1 minute.

When testing, it should be noted that after the falling sand is finished, the machine should be slightly tilted to pour out the excess sand in the small square at the lower part of the funnel, and the sand drop switch should be placed again to prevent the falling sand switch from being placed.

The falling sand test method is very simple and convenient in operation, but the time required in the experiment is relatively long, and the reproducibility of the measured test results is very poor, and the influence of the aluminum alloy abrasive on the test results is also caused. Larger. The reason is that the way to obtain the abrasive is different, even if it can meet the basic requirements of the abrasive grains in the abrasive to some extent, the main shape and characteristics of the abrasive grains of the abrasive are different, and the wear condition of the aluminum alloy profile is also different.

Therefore, in order to ensure a strong contrast of the results of the experiment, the abrasive obtained in the same way should be used in the specific experiment, and the quality of the abrasive should be checked before using the abrasive, and the dryness of the abrasive should also be checked. Is there a requirement to meet the requirements of the experiment?


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