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How to avoid surface defects of aluminum profiles

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How to avoid surface defects of aluminum profiles

How to avoid surface defects of aluminum profiles

1. Scratch, scratch is the most common surface defect in the extrusion process of aluminum profiles. The surface of aluminum extrusions has rough longitudinal or lateral grooves, scratches, and scratches from the surface are mostly due to mold sticking. There are foreign objects, or rough machining at the empty knife. There is also a raised scratch on the corner of the product, which is caused by cracks in the extrusion die. The lateral scratch or scratch is mainly due to the hardening of the cold bed when the product is transported from the sliding table to the finished sawing table. The object is highlighted by scratching the product, and some are produced during loading and handling. How to avoid scratches and scratches on aluminum profiles?


Aluminum profile

The main elimination methods are:

1), the working belt of the extrusion die should be smooth and smooth, and the empty die of the extrusion die should be smoothed.

2) Care should be taken when installing the mold to prevent molds with small cracks from being used. Pay attention to the fillet radius when designing the mold.

3) Check the cold bed and the finished product storage platform frequently to prevent the products from being scratched by hard protrusions.

4) When placing the material, it should be placed in a softer strip than the product. Transportation and lifting should be smooth and careful.

Causes and solutions for the surface of aluminum profiles

The surface of the aluminum profile produced by the surface of the aluminum profile refers to the density of the surface of the aluminum profile, with a trailing, very small tumor, a distinct hand and a sharp sensation.


Main reason analysis:

Due to the inclusions in the ingot or the metal or debris on the working belt of the mold, the aluminum profile manufacturer is peeled off by the high temperature and high pressure aluminum during the extrusion, and the surface of the profile is formed on the surface of the profile.


1 Properly reduce the extrusion speed, using a reasonable extrusion temperature and mold temperature;

2 Strictly control the quality of the ingot, reduce the inclusion content in the ingot, and homogenize the ingot;

3 Strengthen the quality management of mold repair.


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