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How to check the curtain wall quality?

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How to check the curtain wall quality?

It's easy to find the curtain wall around us. Curtain wall now is widely us in the high rise building which can make the building have the beautiful surface and a good Lighting function. That can save the energy. But there are too many supplier can produce the curtain wall. How to find out the best one? How can we see the difference?


We should know the what's curtain wall? What is the curtain wall made up of? The curtain wall is the outer wall of the building. It does not bear the weight and is hung up like a curtain. It is also called the"curtain wall". It is a lightweight wall with decorative effects commonly used in modern large and high-rise buildings. So there are many kinds of curtain wall. We will take the glass curtain wall as example to tell you how to check the quality?


Glass aluminum Curtain wall: Reflection glass curtain wall refers to the building envelope structure or decorative structure that can be displaced by the support structure system relative to the main structure and does not share the main structure. It main made with two part the mullion frame profiles and horizontal frame profiles. Here is the structure drawing of the glass aluminum curtain wall.

Aluminum Glass curtain wall


The glass curtain wall should follow the below requirement.

1. Metal frame

Pass: No color difference on the surface. Clear, no pollution, no slot, no scratch, flatness. The installation tolerance of the connector and main frame is ±1mm.

2. Glass

The direction of the glass is correct which has no spot, pollution and scratch on the surface. It should be match the standard of China.

3. Line press and the glass glue

The beading plate is straight, the counterpart is precise, the installation is firm, the uniformity is uniform, the sealing strip is tightly mounted, the sealing paste must be clean, the bonding with the sealed object is firm, the appearance is straight, the wrong table is misplaced, smooth and tight. Beautiful. No stains outside the seam

The testing way of the Curtain wall

1). Visual and ruler detection

2). The thickness of the laying meets the requirements, uniform and uniform, and there is no omission. The paving is firm and does not fall

3). Tight and seamless, the bead is straight, the wrong table is misplaced, the slope is accurate, and the drainage hole is unblocked.


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