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Jia Hua Aluminum Company adds detection equipment

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Jia Hua Aluminum Company adds detection equipment

Salt spray test is mean we use Salt Spray machine to create a salt environment to test the corrosion of Aluminum profiles surface.

Salt Spray test standard have a certain rule of PH, temperature, Humidity, sodium chloride solution concentration. And it also required the performance of the salt spray test box. There are four test Judgment method for the test result: Rating judgment method, weighing judgment method, corrosion appearance judgment method, corrosion data statistical analysis method. The products that need to be subjected to the salt spray test are mainly some metal products. The corrosion resistance of the products is examined through testing.

Salt spray test usually divided into two categories. One is the Natural environmental exposure test. The other part is Artificial accelerated simulation of salt spray environment test for aluminum alloy profiles. The artificial simulation of industrial aluminum profile salt spray environment test is to use a kind of test equipment with a certain volume of space-industrial aluminum profile salt spray test box, using artificial methods in its volume space, resulting in industrial aluminum profile salt spray environment.

The corrosion resistance and quality of industrial aluminum profiles and salt spray industrial aluminum profiles are evaluated. Compared with the natural environment, the salt concentration of chlorides in the salt spray environment of industrial aluminum profiles can be several times or dozens of times the salt spray content of industrial aluminum profiles in general natural environment, which greatly improves the corrosion rate of industrial aluminum profiles. 

The product has undergone an industrial aluminum profile salt spray test, and the time to obtain results has also been greatly reduced. If a product sample is tested in a naturally exposed environment, it may take up to one year for the industrial aluminum profile to corrode, and the test is carried out under artificial salt industrial conditions that simulate the industrial aluminum profile. As long as 24 hours, similar results can be obtained.

Most industrial aluminum profile corrosion occurs in the atmospheric environment. The atmosphere contains oxygen, humidity, temperature changes and pollutants such as industrial aluminum profile corrosion components and industrial aluminum profile corrosion factors. Industrial aluminum profile salt spray industrial aluminum profile corrosion is a common and most destructive atmospheric industrial aluminum profile corrosion. The industrial aluminum profile salt spray mentioned here refers to the atmosphere of chlorides. Its main industrial aluminum profile corrosive component is the chloride salt in the ocean-sodium chloride, which mainly comes from marine and inland saline-alkali regions. 

The corrosion of industrial aluminum profiles caused by the salt spray of industrial aluminum profiles on the surface of metal materials is caused by the contained chloride ions penetrating the oxide layer and protective layer on the metal surface and the electrochemical reaction between the internal metal. At the same time, chloride ions contain a certain amount of hydration energy, which is easily absorbed by the pores and cracks on the metal surface and replaces the oxygen in the chlorinated layer. It turns insoluble oxides into soluble chlorides, making the passive surface active. surface. Causes extremely bad adverse reactions to the product.


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