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NEW TREND!!! Jia Hua Aluminum Fruniture

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NEW TREND!!! Jia Hua Aluminum Fruniture

You will find there are many products around you are made by the aluminum profiles. The most representative product is aluminum doors and windows. As you see that the window with the aluminum profiles can have many kinds of surface. That can help the window meet more customer need.

Today, we are going to introducing the aluminum furniture.

With the development of the technology of aluminum profiles, the aluminum profiles are widely used in many kinds of industry. Check this link to know which industry. One of these industries is furniture. You will find that now more and more furniture have the aluminum profiles. Such as the handle, bottom seat. Frame, etc. Traditional wooden furniture has been criticized for its life cycle, anti-corrosion and other issues. Therefore, all-aluminum furniture was born.


The advantage of all-aluminum furniture:

a). Environmental

As the article [Article name] we post said the aluminum can be recycled many times. Therefore, its friend with the environment and it save the source. Also it doesn’t have the problem of Excessive formaldehyde.

b). Multiplied function

The processing of aluminum profiles is easier than the wood. After the extrusion, it can become any shape you want. That’s mean it’s easy to get the multiplied function in all-aluminum furniture. All-aluminum furniture is assembled by the aluminum profiles. But it doesn’t like the wooden furniture. After you finish the installation, you can’t take part for adding the width.

c). Corrosion

Aluminum profiles have good performance of Fireproof, moisture proof, insect proof. Therefore, All-aluminum furniture also has the same characteristic. That’s mean, the aluminum furniture has longer life than the wooden furniture.

d). Low Maintenance Required

Aluminum furniture also needs very little upkeep and care to maintain its look and functionality. A light rinse with a garden hose or spot cleaning with mild soap and water is usually sufficient.

e). Multiplied color and surface

Jia Hua can provide you the aluminum profiles with Anodized, or Powder coating or Electrophoresis or wooden grain. Etc. It can make the aluminum furniture get more color and different styles surface to meet your need.  


Comparison of All-aluminum furniture and wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is made by the original wood. That’s mean it cannot avoid the Defects such as nodular scars. Also, it only has single wood color. Jia Hua aluminum profiles wooden Grain finish are made by the heat transfer. We will paint the bottom color first. And then put the paper with the wood pattern on the surface and send it into the machine to do the heat transfer. After it finish, it will have the wooden grain surface.

Wooden Grain aluminum profiles

1. Long life time

The wooden furniture is easy to broken due to its lower hardness. And you need to pay more to maintain it. It cannot touch water in a long time. All-aluminum furniture is just to need be cleaned by the water.

2. Corrosion:

The wooden furniture will have mold if in a wed situation. Therefore, the wooden furniture is easy to broken in the kitchen or shower room. And it cannot be used in outdoor. But aluminum furniture is Fireproof, moisture proof, insect proof. So it can be used in the outdoor. And you will find that it will not have rusty when it soaks in the water for a long time.

3. Environmental 

The material of most aluminum furniture is artificial plate. The artificial plate will have the adhesive which will have the formaldehyde.


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