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New arrival!!! Jia Hua new design of system windows

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New arrival!!! Jia Hua new design of system windows

China government have published 2020 new standard GB/T8478-2020 on 31th Mar. 2020. And it will work on 1st Feb. 2020 to instead of GB/T8478-2008 standard. New standard have details requirement of soundproof, heat insulation, and heat preservation. We are following the new standard to upgrade our system window design. And Our products all are reach the new standard that can provide a better use performance.

Let see what new design we have?


Soundproof is mean the window weaken the transfer between the source of sound and listener. Usually, we will use double glass and the insulation rubber to reach the soundproof.

Now our design is adopt the German standard assassination design + multi-layer hollow tempered glass combination. The glass will be inject the Inert gas and seal it will glue. It can assure the glass can weaken the transfer.  The door and window system is matched with the continuous folding technology of hollow aluminum strips, and the quiet performance can reach the outer window Rw+Ctr≥45; the inner window Rw+C≥45, the sound insulation effect is better. 


Waterproof is the performance of the close windows and doors prevent rainwater leakage in the condition of winding and raining day.

Jia Hua system window use the German advance structure design which is combined the locate weather. We design a good waterproof and hide drain structure. It can prevent the water infiltrate. And the water in the track can be drained. The performance can reach level 6 


Wind resistance

It’s mean the close window and door under the action of wind without breaking or any function barrier. 

We adopt the advance accessories. And use the screw inject glue corner installation. While the installation is convenient, the safety of the whole window is also increased, and the load-bearing capacity is higher. The wind pressure resistance can reach level 9 P3≥5.5, and the performance is stronger.


Air tight

We can prevent the air tight when the window and door are close. The performance of air tight is influence the soundproof, dust resistance and wind resistance.

It adopts the frame multiple sealing structure, and the isobaric sealing tape is added between the solid glass and the conversion frame, which brings more superior air tightness, water tightness, and sound insulation. The air tightness reaches 8 levels q1≤0.5 q2≤1.5[ m³/m·h].

Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation can also be called energy saving, which is expressed by K value, which is also called heat transfer coefficient. In the past, it was called total heat transfer coefficient. The smaller the K value, the better the thermal insulation!

The doors and windows of Jia Hua system adopt the German-style broken bridge structure design, innovative thermal insulation tape settings, thermal insulation performance level 10, external window heat transfer K<1.0, external window insulation K<1.5, effectively ensuring that the indoor temperature does not lose, creating a winter Warm and cool home environment in summer.

The system doors and windows are not a unilateral one with excellent performance, but a system engineering that restricts each other's performance. Jia HUa system doors and windows fully consider water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, and sound insulation. A series of important functions such as, anti-theft, sunshade, weather resistance, operating feel, etc., strictly control the equipment, profiles, accessories, glass, viscose, seals and other links, and finally create high-performance system doors and windows that meet the new standards.


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