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Should we add a window subframe?

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Should we add a window subframe?

What is window subframe?


Window subframe is use square steel (width 40mm, thickness 20mm) as the frame. It's the frame for install the window on it which divided to two types.  According to the different methods of fixing the door and window frame, it can be divided into two forms: standing port and plug port.

A. Standing mouth: when the wall is built to the design height of the door and window, first stand the door and window frame at the design position, temporarily fix it with braces, and then continue to build the wall, and put the wooden brick on the door and window frame into the wall In order to achieve the method of fixing the door and window frame on the wall.

B. Plugging: It is to keep the opening according to the design of the door and window opening size when laying the wall, and bury concrete blocks or solid bricks in advance (no more than 150mm from the upper and lower openings, and no more than 500mm spacing). When installing the door and window frame, put The door and window frames are stuffed into the hole, first fixed with wooden wedges and iron nails, and then embedded with waterproof mortar and waterproof foam to achieve the method of fixing the door frame on the wall.


Aluminum Subframe profiles for windows and doors

What is it use for?

1. Subframe is good for the protection, firm, and accuracy of installation. The size of the windows and doors opening of a new building is not that standard. So it’s accuracy that to have a subframe. It can help with measure the window size more accuracy. The subframe plays a role in sizing and positioning the doors and windows

2. It can fix the gap between window and wall which is good for waterproof. And it can help to increase the flatness of window in vertical direct. Subframe can locate the window size and position. So it will help avoid the broken of window surface. 

3. It have good performance of heat insulation and sealing. In particular, the expansion and contraction of plastic steel doors and windows due to thermal expansion and contraction causes gaps in the edges of the doors and windows, and affects the appearance, and reduces the functions of anti-seepage, energy saving, compression and shape resistance. Therefore, when installing doors and windows, the subframe is usually designed and used, which greatly improves the effective performance of the doors and windows in these three aspects and improves the safety and comfort of residence.


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