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The 5xxx series and 6xxx series is the best choice for anodized

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The 5xxx series and 6xxx series is the best choice for anodized

For Anodizing Transparent film, the 5xxx series and 6xxx series is the best choice. But if only for anodizing, most of aluminum alloy can be anodized. Therefore, we should know the details of aluminum alloy before the anodizing. Because the quality and chemical composition of the material is different, this will influence the quality of Anodized profiles.

Such as, Air Bubbles, scratches, peeling, rough and other defects. After anodizing, all rickets will still be revealed. And the chemical composition also will influence the surface of aluminum profiles. If the alloy has the Cr, Si, Fe and others, the surface of aluminum profiles will be influenced. Copper will make the oxide film reddish, destroy the electrolyte quality and increase the oxidation defect; silicon will make the oxide film gray, especially when the content exceeds 4.5%, the effect is more obvious; the iron is black after anodizing due to its characteristics. The form of spots exists.


Anodized aluminum profiles


The 1-2% manganese aluminum alloy is brownish blue after oxidation. With the increase of manganese content in the aluminum material, the surface color after oxidation changes from brownish blue to dark brown.

The aluminum alloy containing 0.6-1.5% of silicon is gray when oxidized, and white-gray when it contains 3-6% of silicon.

Zinc-containing is an opalescent color, chrome is a golden to gray uneven color, and nickel is yellowish. In general, only aluminum containing gold and containing more than 5% of titanium contains gold, which is oxidized to give a colorless, transparent, bright, smooth appearance.


There must point out that the anodized color of aluminum profiles is not made by the Anodizing. It covered the color by Electrolytic coloring or dyeing. Dyeing can have many colors than Electrolytic coloring. Electrolytic coloring only allow black, bronze, champagne, golden, stain steel color.


The harmful Impurity of aluminum alloy is Fe. It will have the special color when the content of Fe more than 0.25%. The higher content of Fe, the lower Gloss is.

When the content of silicon in gold is low, the influence of iron is more obvious. When silicon is high, the harmful effects of iron can be alleviated to a certain extent. At this time, iron and silicon form AlFeSi intermetallic compound, and also consume part. Excess silicon. The main reason for the influence of iron on coloring is that iron and aluminum form a pointed or rod-like structure, ranging from several micrometers to several tens of micrometers. The electrode potential is different from that of aluminum, so it affects the oxidation coloration uniformity and continuity, and also makes the oxide film luster. And transparency is reduced, affecting the coloring effect.


Obvious, we should pay more attention about the chemical composition of aluminum alloy when we going to make the Anodized profiles.

To make sure the quality of the aluminum profiles surface, we suggest the content of Fe should lower than 0.25%. And the others should lower than 0.1%.

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