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The Advantage of Electrophoresis aluminum extrusion

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The Advantage of Electrophoresis aluminum extrusion

1. The thickness of Electrophoresis can be controlled. Usually it’s 7 μm and 12 μm.

2.The quality of the electrophoretic coating film is very good. Acrylic resin uses amino resin to change solids, ensuring high decorative effect of the coating film and high resistance to corrosion and erosion. At the same time, because of the high transparency of the resin, it is very effective to highlight the metal texture of the aluminum profile. According to the decorative needs, you can also get the decorative effect of matt, sand, pearl and so on.

3. The application efficiency of the coating is high. Because the viscosity of the coating is low, the aluminum profile product is brought out less, and the electrophoresis workpiece can be washed with water. The utilization of the recycling device makes the coating efficiency of the electrophoretic coating reach over 95%.

4. easy to achieve the purpose of automated production. Because the aluminum profile is electrophoretic coated in the aqueous electrophoresis tank, it is similar to the anodizing and electrolytic dyeing treatments, and the processing time is relatively short, and it is easy to complete the pipeline operation of the entire processing flow.

5. Compared with the general electrolytic dyeing and sealing small hole processing process, it has the advantages of saving time and balance manpower. The electrophoretic coating film does not need to be sealed with small holes, and prevents cracking and other problems caused by the unseasoned small holes. 

6. The electrophoretic coating film is average and dense. Because the aluminum profile has a high throwing power during the electrophoretic coating process, the shape of the profile can be obtained evenly, and the thickness of the coating can be controlled by adjusting the amount of electricity.


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