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The Feature and Requirement of the Green Curtain wall

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The Feature and Requirement of the Green Curtain wall

Most of the energy of the building is use for Lighting, ventilation, heating and cooling. But now more and more people ask to do in a environmental way. Therefore, they Try to use natural light and wind to save energy. And there is a new requirement of the curtain wall. A green curtain wall it should have the function of natural light, ventilation, soundproof, pollution proof, heatproof. 

1. Natural Lighting.

Natural lighting is mean that to let the sunlight get into the inside of the building. And it will be separated by a curtain way to provide more ideal and better quality of lighting. The natural light can improve the strength of light, color, and person visual which create a health environment. Recording to the statistics, the Energy consumption of lighting is 40%-50% of total.Moreover, the increase in the cooling load caused by the waste heat generated during the season that requires cooling accounts for 3%-5% of the total energy consumption. Therefore, natural light can significantly reduce the energy consumption of lighting in buildings.

Aluminum curtain wall

2. Natural ventilation

Indoor air quality is the result of the interaction of many complex factors which is very important to those people work indoor. If there is no good ventilation channel, this will seriously affect the indoor environment, make people feel suffocating, and it will also increase the bacteria. If someone has a cold, it is easy to spread to others. Depending on the technology used for ventilation, it can be divided into mechanical (auxiliary) ventilation and natural ventilation.As a peripheral protection system, the size of the fresh air vents in the mechanical (auxiliary) ventilation design of the curtain wall must meet the requirements of the fresh air volume; it must be located away from the source of pollution.

3. Energy saving

The most important element of influencing the design of green curtain wall is the weather. There is the different design of the difference weather condition. The general way is to choose the suitable material and reasonable structure to increase the efficient of energy saving. The positive way is the collect the natural wind, solar and other natural energy for using to save the Non-renewable energy. Double-glazed curtain wall system is the good example for keeping the energy which keep warm in the winter and keep cool in the summer. The Double-glazed curtain wall system adopt the Thermal insulation material. 

4. Light pollution

The so-called light pollution of the curtain wall means that due to the reflective properties of the glass, the curtain wall reflects sunlight and heat and night lights to surrounding buildings or roads, resulting in local temperature rise of these buildings in summer or excessively bright windows at night, affecting people's normal Living or visually disturbing pedestrians and drivers on the road. This problem has made people very disgusted with the glass curtain wall, which is also contrary to the concept of green curtain wall, and is very different from the advocated green building. 


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