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The Yield of aluminum is going down

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The Yield of aluminum is going down

Global primary aluminum production declines in February

The report on Friday of IAI show that the yield of aluminum is down to 511.2 million tons in February. And average daily output is 17.63 million tons. The yield of aluminum in China estimate is 287.9 million tons.

Most of price of aluminum ingot in China decline

The price of Changjiang Aluminum is 11800 RMB/tons, Decrease from last Friday 840 RMB。 Weekly decline is 6.65%. And Cu is 38590 RMB/tons. Zn is 15450 RMB/Tons

Zhongyuan aluminum on 20th is 11830 RMB/tons. Decrease from last Friday is 830 RMB. Weekly decline is 6.56%. And the price of other metal also decline. Cu is 38570 RMB/tons, Zn is 15450 RMB/tons

Nan Hai ling tong Aluminum on 20th is 12080 RMB/tons. Decrease from last Friday is 860 RMB.

LME aluminum ingot prices have also declined, but the decline is not significant

LME on 20th Aluminum is 1582 USD/tons. The magnitude of the decline is 48.   

Right now the aluminum market in the world is influence by the new coronavirus.  The yield and price of aluminum is going down. So now is a good time for stocking some aluminum profiles. After the new coronavirus, the aluminum market will return to normal. And then the price of aluminum is quick increase. If you have any demands of aluminum profiles, please contact us- Jia Hua Aluminium Co., Ltd. We would like to make a quick quotation to you. 

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