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The air tightness of aluminum window

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The air tightness of aluminum window

The heat transfer coefficient is tested by hot box method. It must take aluminum window as the heating collect box. And we simulate the indoor temperature and air movement rate during the winner. It should be keep the temperate on both sides of the test piece stable during the sealing treatment. Also, keep the air flow speead and heat radiation constant. The heat emitted by the heater of the test hot box is subtracted from the heat lost by the outer wall of the hot box, and then divided by the product of the area of the test piece and the temperature difference between the two sides of the air, the result is the heat transfer of the aluminum alloy door and window test piece. Coefficient K. We will classify the thermal insulation properties of aluminum window by virtue of the closed control of aluminum alloy doors and windows and the heat transfer coefficient indicators tested.

The air tightness of aluminum window will influence the energy saving of whole building. So our country has the document of controlling the air tightness of aluminum window. JGJ26-2010 <Energy-saving design standards for residential buildings in severe cold and cold regions>JGJ 134-2010<Energy-saving design standards for residential buildings in hot summer and cold winter areas>JGJ75-2003 <Energy-saving design standards for residential buildings in hot summer and warm winter areas> and GB50189-2005<Public building energy efficiency design standards>.


The ways of heat loss in aluminum windows and doors.

The three main ways of heat transfer is Radiation, transmission, convection. So the related heat consumption is radiant thermal consumption, heat transfer consumption, and convective heat consumption.

Radiant thermal consumption: The heat is consumed by means of ray. Most of aluminum window lost thermal by glass.

Heat transfer consumption: Inside is the heating equipment which collects temperature of outside. And the temperature of window at the outside is increased by the sunshine.

Convective heat consumption: it’s a movement between molecules. The heat will be flowed from high temperature to lower one. Thereby it causes the heat to gradually lose. We can use the aluminum alloy door and window transmission coefficient detection principle is used to measure the heat loss, and the larger the transmission coefficient, the greater the heat loss.

Analysis of the influence of air tightness on thermal insulation performance

The heat loss caused by the amount of air permeation varies greatly under the condition of same transmission coefficient and different level of Air tightness. Compare the air tightness of sliding window and casement window. The air tightness of sliding window is better than casement window. Therefore, we should choose the casement window for considering the most energy saving. And the casement window should have the triple tightness structure. Because there will have two independent chamber of windows if  with triple tightness structure. It can increase the performance of air tightness and waterproof. 

      The way of increase the air tightness of windows.

To increase the insulation performance of windows, we should change the material and design.

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