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The common use green curtain wall

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The common use green curtain wall

Green Curtain wall is general call of the curtain wall system with energy saving, environmental and less pollution. It’s the main trend in the future. Now there are three type of green curtain wall.  They are Photoelectric curtain wall, double-layer dynamic + energy-saving curtain wall and ecological curtain wall.

Photoelectric curtain wall

It’s a new curtain wall technology with the function of Power generation, sound insulation, heat insulation, security, decoration. Photoelectric curtain wall is use the Photovoltaic cells and Photovoltaic panels technology, which converts sunlight into electricity. The key technology is solar photovoltaic technology. Photovoltac cells is a Sustainable technology which has long life time, less maintain cost, and no pollution during the processing of the Photoelectric conversion. And photovoltaic panel is a diaphragm type of Photovoltaic cells which can allows part of sunlight get through for lighting. And the other part is use for generating electricity. Photovoltaic panels generate DC power, which is relatively easy to store in batteries, and then converts DC power into AC power that can be used by building equipment. The photovoltaic panel is mainly designed as a sloping roof, which also serves as a sunshade on the roof, so that solar energy can be efficiently collected and used. The photovoltaic panel can also be used as a sunshade device for the lighting site, and also plays the role of sunshading and collecting solar energy.


The photovoltaic aluminum curtain wall can maximize the use of resources, with less pollution and low maintenance costs. It’s a new type of functional building curtain wall

Aluminum Curtain wall

Double-layer dynamic energy-saving curtain wall

Double-layer dynamic energy-saving curtain wall is a curtain wall composed of a double-layer structure. It consists of an outer curtain wall, an inner curtain wall, a sunshade curtain wall, an air inlet curtain wall, and an air outlet device. The inner layer usually has doors and windows that can be opened. Under the cover of the outer curtain wall, no matter how bad the outdoor environment is, it can ensure the normal opening of the inner doors and windows. The air inlet and outlet of the outer curtain wall and the opening of the inner doors and windows can be controlled. Between the heat tunnels, solar energy can be used to produce the chimney effect or the greenhouse effect, so as to ensure not only necessary ventilation and ventilation, but also energy savings. Therefore, the double-layer dynamic energy-saving curtain wall is also called a hot aisle curtain wall, and is divided into two systems of natural ventilation and forced ventilation according to the ventilation principle.


The double-layer dynamic curtain wall is equipped with electric casement inner window, parallel outer window, electric shading louvers and electric vents; the top daylighting roof is in the form of a steel structure. The lower floor is a hidden frame Borui curtain wall with electric sliding windows; the lighting curtain wall accounts for a large proportion of the entire curtain wall area, and it is easy to obtain sufficient light. Its technical properties include:


A) Use the principle of hot pressing and the chimney effect to allow fresh air to enter the room, exhaust indoor dirty air to the outside, and effectively prevent dust from entering the room. It has a green environmental protection effect;


B) It is very reasonable for cold treatment in winter and heat treatment in summer, and it has excellent winter heat insulation and summer heat insulation functions, so it has typical dynamic energy saving performance;


C) Reasonable lighting function, which can adjust the change of light according to the needs of users, and change the indoor environment;


D) Excellent sound insulation and noise reduction function to create a quiet working and living environment for users;


E) High technical content, special structure and good visual beauty.


Ecological curtain wall


The ecological curtain wall is developed along with the development of ecological construction. The so-called ecological building refers to the building that can change the building ecology and the building color according to the use function or use requirements of the building. According to the use function or use requirements, the building curtain wall that can change the ecology and color is called ecological curtain wall. Ecological curtain wall is a kind of ecological building. It takes sustainable development as the strategy, uses the high-tech as the guide, and uses the biological climate buffer. The floor is suitable, which saves resources and reduces pollution, and is a healthy and comfortable ecological building envelope.


The ecological curtain wall can build a buffer city between the building and the surrounding ecological environment, which can prevent the extreme climate from affecting indoors to a certain extent, and can strengthen the effects of various micro-climate adjustments, thereby satisfying people's various comforts. Requirements, and can achieve the goal of appropriate energy savings. The construction of ecological curtain wall is beyond the scope of conventional architecture and building engineering. It is a systems engineering. Architects, structural engineers and curtain wall engineers need to be familiar with the principles of mechanical transmission, understand mechanical processing, assembly, and related scientific disciplines such as physics, chemistry, and automatic control. Knowledge requires multidisciplinary coordination and the cooperation of various disciplines.


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