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The connection of indusrial aluminum frame profiles

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The connection of indusrial aluminum frame profiles

As we know that aluminum frame profiles are widely use for worktable, assemble line, and storage shelf. Etc. Aluminum profiles with strong hardness, long life time, anti-corrosion and good flexibility which are more and more applied to various industrial equipment. The most important is that aluminum profiles no need to welding when assemble together.

It has many kinds of assemble way. Today we are here to see the most common connect way. 

1. Elastic fastener

Use for assemble two aluminum profiles in 90 degree. It's easy to disassemble. 

Industrial aluminum frame v slot profiles

2. End connector

It can use for the two to three aluminum profiles assemble in90 degree.

industrial aluminum profiles connection

3. High strength angle slot connector

It use for the two aluminum profiles in 45 degree connection. It's high strength which usually use for the fix door frame profiles. 

Connector aluminum profiles

4. Conner seat

It can use for assembling the aluminum profiles in three degree angle. 90°, 45°,135°

Conner seat aluminum profiles

5. Screw connection

Use for the simple aluminum profiles connection.

Screw for aluminum profiles

6. Inner connector

inner connector for aluminum profiles

7. Three-dimensional connector

Aluminum profiles connection for frame

8. Three-dimensional connector (R angle)

Aluminum frame profiles

9. One word connector

Used for high-strength pair connection of two profiles.


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