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The fail reason of mechanical properties for aluminum profiles

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The fail reason of mechanical properties for aluminum profiles

The analysis for the fail reason

1. The temperature of aluminum profiles is lower and the speed is too slowly. Output temperature of aluminum extrusion machine can not reach the Solution temperature. So it can have the Solution strengthening.

2. Less fan in the outlet of aluminum extrusion machine. The wind is not enough for cool. Slowly cool speed cannot make the temperature of aluminum profiles down to 200 degree in short time. And precipitate coarse Mg2Si prematurely, thereby reducing the solid solution phase, affecting the mechanical properties of the profile after heat treatment

3. The chemical composition of the aluminum profiles is not reach the standard requirement. Especially the Mg and Si content.

4. Without homogenizing, it can’t Precipitated Mg2Si. So it Unable to re-dissolve within a short time of extrusion, resulting in insufficient solution and affecting product performance;

5. Or Improper aging process, poor hot air circulation, or incorrect installation of thermocouples, resulting in inadequate aging or over-aging.


a). Reasonable control the temperature and speed of extrusion. And keep the temperature of the profile at the outlet of the extruder above the minimum solution temperature 

b). Improve the quality control of aluminum casting. It must do the quality check before the aluminum billets are sent to extrusion.

c). It should have homogenizing during the casting.

d). Reasonably determine the aging process, install the thermocouple correctly, and arrange the profiles correctly to ensure the smooth circulation of the hot air. The geometry is out of tolerance.


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