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The feature of different type of aluminum windows

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The feature of different type of aluminum windows

There are type of aluminum window in the market. Such as, sliding windows, casement window, and swing windows,etc. So how to select the suitable window for your house?

We will show you the advantage and disadvantage of these windows. Then you will know how choose yours. Here we go.


Before show you the advantage we will like to show you the common use window system. And let you know what’s the different.


a. Sliding windows. There are two types: Sliding left and right or sliding up and down. The window sash will have the wheel in the bottom so that it can sliding on the track of the window frame.


Sliding window

b. Casement windows: It is divided into inner open and outer open. Window sash and window frame are connected by the movable bracket. So it can open outwards or inward along the horizontal line.

Aluminum casement windows

c. Top hung window:  It is a new form developed on the basis of casement windows. It has two opening methods, which can be opened flat or pushed from the top. When the casement window is closed, the upper part of the window is pulled inwards to open a gap of about ten centimeters, that is to say, the window can be opened a little from above, the opened part is suspended in the air, and fixed with the window frame by a hinge

Top hung windows

The feature of different type of aluminum windows


1. Casement window

The advantage of casement window is that it has a large opening area, good ventilation and sealing. Also, the excellent sound insulation.

Outer open casement window is not take up space. But it’s not convenient to clean it. It is easily damaged when meet the bad weather. And the amplitude of opening is small. The inner open window is opposite to the outer open window. 

2. Sliding window

The sliding window has the advantages of simplicity, beautiful appearance, and large window view. Also, it coupled with large pieces of glass, if not only increase the lighting in the room, but also improves the overall shape of the building.  It has long life time which is not taking up the space. But sometimes its sealing is not that good.

3. Top hung window

Top hung window is very different with the above two kinds of windows. It has the smallest opening area. And its open style is pulling up. So it have good performance of the security. But its ventilation is less than sliding windows and casement windows. 

With high floor, sliding windows can generally be selected, which is safer and relatively space-saving, but special attention should be paid to its sealing when choosing, and a reliable brand should be selected; superior materials, excellent processing performance, and excellent sealing performance. Therefore, I would like to remind everyone to pay more attention when choosing, because only the sealed aluminum alloy windows will not leak and leak, and can be freely handled in the face of bad weather.

You can choose the window with the anti-theft net when your house in the low floor. For the bedroom with small area of window, you can choose outer open casement window. It can Can have good ventilation performance and will not occupy indoor space.

We suggest to use top hung window for the place with small window area or single window. Such as bathroom or toilet. Because the area is too small, in order to achieve the ventilation effect, we can only install the hanging type to maximize the use of the window area.


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