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The four steps of producing thermal break aluminum profiles

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The four steps of producing thermal break aluminum profiles

Thermal break aluminum profiles is assembled by two extruded aluminum profiles and the rubber strip. So the processing and the material quality will influence the quality of thermal break aluminum profiles. Usually, the four steps is  tooth opening, threading, rolling and inspection are completed by special equipment.

Tooth opening

Toothing is a particularly critical process by rolling out the teeth on the notch neck of the aluminum profile through the hard rolling gear installed on the gearing machine.The roller gear is driven by a motor through a transmission mechanism to rotate. The 60-degree tooth on the outer edge of the roller gear presses on the center of the aluminum slot and exerts a certain pressure to drive the aluminum to move forward, while rolling on the outer edge of the pressed slot Out of teeth. The roller gear can be adjusted up, down, left and right through the guide rail to adapt to profiles of different heights and widths.


Threading is make the rubber strip Pass the guide rail of the threader into the slot of the upper and lower aluminum that has been toothed. And then we can assemble the material. Some machines can make the tooth opening processing and threading processing together. It can save a lots of times. For some aluminum materials whose center distance between the two notches is less than 10mm, it is generally difficult to directly thread the strips with a threading machine. At this time, only manual threading can be used.


Rolling is to pass the worn profile through the three sets of rolling plates of the rolling machine to tightly combine the aluminum with the heat insulation strip. During rolling, under the combined action of the two rolling plates, the outer hammer head of the aluminum material presses against the heat insulation strip with its neck root as the center of rotation, and the teeth on the hammer head press into the heat insulation strip, making the aluminum material and The insulation strips are tightly integrated.


After the above processing, Jia Hua QC will check the size of the aluminum profiles. And the Longitudinal shear strength. It’s a important mechanical properties of the aluminum profiles. Longitudinal shear strength test is put the 100mm long aluminum profiles on the test machine. From the The external force causes the heat insulation strip and the aluminum to be dislocated and deformed. 

The maximum load per unit length displayed during deformation is the longitudinal shear strength of the composite aluminum material, in N/mm. GB5237.6 "Aluminum Alloy Profiles for Construction Part 6: Thermal Insulation Profiles" stipulates that the characteristic value of the longitudinal resistance of the heat-insulating aluminum material should be greater than 24N/mm, and the calculation of the characteristic value requires a set of 10 test values. .

After the average value and standard deviation, subtract 2.02 times the standard deviation from the average value to get. Therefore, in ensuring that the test value of a single sample meets the requirements, the stability of a set of test values is particularly important. The stability of the sample is closely related to the stability of the equipment and the stability of the aluminum precision.

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