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The latest news of international trading business

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The latest news of international trading business

China will increase the 5% extra duty of the Copper scrap and aluminum from U.S.A


Regarding to the list of counter tariff from China to U.S.A , China will increase the 5% extra duty of the Copper scrap and aluminum from U.S.A from 15th Dec. 2019. In the last time, China already have collected 25% tariff of copper scrap. And collected 25% duty of aluminum scrap in 2018. Now U.S.A is the biggest supplier of the metal scrap. The data in China custom shown that the import rate of aluminum scrap from USA. reduce to 80% 

The Indian producer of car accessories is focus on the business of aluminum forging

General of Endurance Technologies (Anurag Jain) said that Leading auto parts manufacturing companies are entering the aluminum forging industry and are beginning to produce triangular screw clamps and movable screw clamps for the manufacture of inverted forks. The potential is expected to reach Rs 125 crore in the three years following the start of supply.

Mr. Jain said that entering this new business will provide Endurance with a two- and four-wheel aluminum forging requirement that can enhance aluminum forging, including electric vehicles. He believes that this move will help the company increase profits.

Overall, large auto parts analysts believe that the transition to the aluminum forging business has arrived. Aluminum forging is a manufacturing process in which metal is extruded and mashed to produce lightweight, high-strength components.

Mexico launches anti-dumping investigation on imported aluminum wafers from China

On August 9, 2019, the Mexican Ministry of Economic Affairs issued a notice stating that it initiated an anti-dumping investigation against imported aluminum discs (Aluminium Discs) originating in China. The products involved are described as follows: 1000 series and 3000 series aluminum alloys, wafers with aluminum content equal to or higher than 97%, diameters greater than or equal to 100 mm but less than 1100 mm, excluding anodized aluminum discs and 5000 series alloy products . Statistics show that in 2018, Mexico imported 4,125 tons of aluminum wafers ($12.91 million), of which 2,124 tons ($6.07 million) were imported from China. Aluminum wafers are generally used in the production of pots, pots and other kitchen utensils.


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