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The mould of aluminum extrusion

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The mould of aluminum extrusion

What’s the mould of aluminum extrusion use for? Aluminum profiles is widely use in our life. But do you know how it comes to the different shape from the aluminum ingot? First, The aluminum ingot will mix with the chemical element. Then make it into the aluminum alloy round billet. The size of the aluminum round billet is depend on the size of the machines. Before the extrusion, the aluminum billet will be heating into a high temperature to make it soft. And then the billet will be push into the mould and then become the variety of aluminum profiles.

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The type of aluminum mould.

A. According to the characteristics of aluminum profile, it can be divided into flat die (For the solid aluminum profiles) and split die (For the hollow aluminum profiles).

B. The Flat mould Including the Monolithic, Diversion mould, Die pad

C. The split die is including the Pseudo shunt, Closed mold, Suspension bridge mould, Three-piece deflector set.

D. Depending on whether the welding chamber is in the upper or lower mold, it can be divided into an upper welding chamber and a lower welding chamber.

E. Depending on how many pieces of aluminum profiles will be extrusion in once time, it will be “one to one” or “one to more”

Mould for aluminum extrusion profiles


The structure of the mould.

a. Part of making the shape: This part is perpendicular to the mould which is use for making the shape of aluminum profiles. It will influence the size and quality.

The length of the working part: it cannot too short which will influence the size. And it’s easy to get the ripples, ovality, indentations, bruises. It will increase the friction effect of metal, increase the pressing force, easy to bond with metal, easy to make the product surface scratches, scratches, burrs, hemp surface, uneven uneven defects if the working part is too long

b. Outlet: Outlet is use for making sure the aluminum profiles can come out. If the space of outlet is too small that it will reduce the strength of the working part. If it is serious, it will cause deformation and collapse of the work belt and reduce the service life of the mold.

c. Diversion trough: The aluminum profiles are made by the round aluminum billet. So if the aluminum billet turn to the aluminum profiles, it will too intense for the billet. So It need a  transition shape.


d. Shunt hole: the passage of aluminum through the hole, its shape, cross-sectional size, number and different arrangements all directly affect the molding, quality, extrusion force and die life of the extruded product.

In general, the number of shunt holes should be as small as possible to reduce the weld line, increase the area of the shunt holes and reduce the squeezing force. The rational distribution of the split ratio and the split holes have a certain impact on balancing the metal flow rate, reducing the extrusion force, promoting the flow and welding of aluminum, and improving the life of the mold.

e. Extrusion ratio: One of the important parameters to measure whether this profile can be extruded on this extruder. Extrusion ratio calculation formula: The area of the extrusion cylinder is divided by the cross-sectional area of the profile.

The extrusion ratio is too small, the profile products are not sufficiently deformed, the density and surface quality are not good, the extrusion ratio is too large, the mold deformation is too severe, the extrusion is difficult, the profile size is difficult to guarantee, and even the mold is blocked. Ideal value: 40-80.

f. Split ratio: The ratio of the cross-sectional area of the split hole to the cross-sectional area of the profile. The size of the split ratio directly affects the size of the extrusion resistance, the quality of the molding and the quality of the welding.

g. Shunt bridge: his width is related to mold strength and metal flow. The size of the split ratio directly affects the size of the extrusion resistance, the quality of the molding and the quality of the welding.

h. Mold core: Determine the size and shape of the inner cavity of the product, and produce a hollow aluminum alloy by matching the gap with the cavity of the lower mold.

Welding chamber: The larger the ratio of the volume and cross-sectional area of the welding chamber to the cross section of the product where the metal gathers and welds, the greater the water pressure established by the welding chamber, and the aluminum stays in the welding chamber The longer the time, the higher the quality of the weld.

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