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The processing of production in JIA HUA

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The processing of production in JIA HUA

Jia Hua win the customer's trust by the good quality aluminum extrusion porfiles, reasonable price, and on time deilevery. If cooperation, you will find that Jia Hua is not just do the business with you but also they will help you save cost and earn more profit. To give the best product our customer, we pay more attention on the quality control. Our Jia Hua has the completed production line, which also is the reason why we win more customer. 

As you know that a Professional producer should have the completed production processing and advance equipment. And this is one of the permission of good quality products. 

The processing of Aluminum Extrusion profiles

The below is how Jia Hua handle the order from customer.

1. Our production department and technology department will check the customer drawing whether can be produced. And how to make sure the quality for the customer. In the meantime, our team will give the best suggestion to our customer for saving the cost.  

Aluminum extrusion profiles

2. After the review the drawing, our technology department they will make a new drawing in our format. And we will send it to customer for confirm. The confirmed drawing will be sent to our die cast workshop to open the mould.

Aluminum die casting

3. It need about 14 days from produce the mould and make the sample. We will test the mould when it finish production. And then our QC will check the sample whether reach the customer’s requirement. The sample will be sent to our customer for confirm if the sample passed our QC test. Then, we will start mass production after received the confirmation from our customer.  

Aluminum extrusion profiles mould

The production processing of Jia Hua

a). Raw material: We purchase the aluminum ingot back and make it into aluminum alloy billet by ourselves.

The processing is

Aluminum ingot – test – melting – check the chemical composition – homogenizing – inspection

Aluminum extrusion profiles billet

b). Extrusion: Our factory has 23 extrusion production lines.

Each production line will have 2 QC to check quality. This tester will check every aluminum profiles. They will check the size, shape, straightness, etc. the passed aluminum profiles will be sent to do the next processing.

Aluminum extrusion profiles for extrusion

c). Surface finish

We have two Wooden Grain line, 2 Anodized electrophoresis lines, and two powder coating lines.

The products with surface finish will be sent to do the test.

Wooden Grain: Check the color and pattern. And wrinkle, air bladder etc.

Anodized & Electrophoresis: Chromatic aberration, sealing, film thickness.

Powder coating, thickness of coating film, Adhesion etc

What’s more, we have the quality test center. We will test the chemical composition and mechanical property. Also, we will test the Corrosion resistance.

Aluminum Extrusion profiles surface finish

d). Packing: we will pick the profiles again. Only pack the profiles, which is good quality. The packing can be customized. If you want to know what kinds of aluminum profiles packing we have, please check previous articles. 

Here is the link: https://translate.google.cn/#view=home&op=translate&sl=zh-CN&tl=en&text=%E5%91%A8%E6%9C%9F

e). Shipment: We will add a cotton strip at the both side of the cargo. It can help with preventing the crash between aluminum profiles and container. You will received the good after 25 days when we received the money. 


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