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The processing of wooden Grain finish in Jia Hua

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The processing of wooden Grain finish in Jia Hua

As you know that the wooden Grain finish aluminum profiles are more and more popular in aluminum furniture and window. Wooden grain finish can help the aluminum profiles has the same pattern as the real wood. And it has the advantages of long lifetime, Anti-mite, and high strength. Wood pattern aluminum furniture is around our life. But do you know how is it produced?


You will find the advance wood finish machine in Jia Hua factory. We have two lines of producing the wooden grain aluminum profiles. The technology of producing wood finish profiles is heat transfer. The aluminum profiles after ageing will be send to do the powder coating or electrophoresis for getting the bottom color. And then, it will be send to the machine to do the heat transfer. According to the High temperature sublimation heat penetration principle, the wood pattern will transfer to the surface of aluminum profiles.


Details of the processing for the aluminum wood finish profiles.


  1. The QC first will check the extruded aluminum profiles after the ageing. If the quality is ok, it will be send to the powder coating workshop and do the powder coating.

    The details of how to do the powder coating, please read our article:


  2. Also, QC will check the surface after finish the powder coating. And then it will be send to the wood finish workshop.

  3. The team leader will check the drawing to confirm which surface of the aluminum profiles is the main decoration part. And then, the profiles will be cover by the wood pattern paper. After that, the profiles with paper will fix by the high temperature resistant plastic bag. It can prevent the paper releasing. (Attention: the face of the paper which has the wood pattern needs to face to the decoration surface of the profiles). At last, Put the profiles on the machine and take out the air in the plastic bag. So it can make the paper more stick the profiles. The vacuum pressure should be appropriately adjusted according to the characteristics of the substrate to be transferred and the negative pressure that the plastic bag can withstand, usually between 0.3 and 0.8 Mpa. (Note: The purpose of using plastic bags is to force the wood grain thermal transfer paper that has been tightly attached to the substrate to adhere to the substrate sufficiently and effectively by negative pressure.)

  4. Send the aluminum extrusion profiles into the oven after the initial preparation work. Temperature, time should be control recording to the characteristics of the substrate, the depth of the texture to be transferred, and the specific properties of the oven. Usually, the temperature is 160~180 °C.

  5. After the heat transfer, we will cooler the aluminum profiles. And take out the plastic bag and paper. The QC will check the surface whether it has the blister, marks, cracks, or scratches. If ok, will send to do the packing.


Check the video of our wooden Grain in the below. It's easier for you know how we exactly do. Sure, the wood pattern is accepted customized. You can send me the sample of yours.  Contact us now. 

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