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The reason of pellet on the surface of extruded aluminum profiles.

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The reason of pellet on the surface of extruded aluminum profiles.

The main defect problem is bending, twist, deformation. But pellet is hard to be found if you don’t check it careful or touch it. After powder coating finish or anodizing finish, the pellets are hard to clear out. It affects the surface aesthetics of the profile, resulting in scrap. Let see the main reason of how the pellets form on the surface.

1. Mould

Mould of aluminum extrusion profiles is worked in a high press and high temperature statue during extrusion. The working belt of the die starts to be parallel to the extrusion direction, after being pressured, the working belt deforms into a trumpet shape, and only the cutting edge part of the working belt contacts the profile to form a sticky aluminum, similar to the knife chip tumor of the turning tool. In the process of the formation of sticky aluminum, there are constantly particles brought out by the profile and stuck to the surface of the profile, resulting in the "adsorption particles". 

2. Influence of extrusion processing 

The parametric correct or not will also influence the pallets. If the temperature is to high or the speed of extrusion is fast, it will get more pallets. The temperature is high, the speed is fast, the flow rate of the profile increases, the degree of die deformation increases, the flow of metal accelerates, the metal deformation resistance is relatively weakened, it is easier to form the phenomenon of sticky aluminum.

3. The quality of aluminum billet

Aluminum billet quality is one of important element influence the quality of aluminum profiles. Common organizational defects of rods include slagging, loose, coarse grain, segregation, bright grain, etc. All these rods have one common point, that is, poor welding with the rod matrix, resulting in the discontinuity of the matrix flow, which is an important factor in the formation of "adsorption particles".

"The influencing factors of "adsorption particles" are mainly the three aspects of die, cast rod and extrusion process, and the operation level of the operators is also reflected in these three elements.


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