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The research of extrusion outlet temperature

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The research of extrusion outlet temperature

Most of extrusion machines are using non-lunbricated forward extrusion to produce the aluminum extrusion profiles. Therefore, it need to make sure the temperature of extrusion outlet which can make sure the quality and structure of aluminum extrusion product. And it also influence the product efficiency, lifetime of the mould, energy consume. If the temperature is too high which will make the surface and performance have some defeat problem.

But now, the research of extrusion temperature is just a theoretical calculation. So it have a little gap from the actual situation. Recently, a new research have test the 6063 aluminum alloy extrusion outlet temperature.

The result is :

  1. The element which will influence the temperature of aluminum extrusion outlet is: The temperature of aluminum mill finish profile, the speed of extrusion, the temperature of Squeeze barrel, and Extrusion ratio. Etc.

  2. Range of Mill finish temperature is 20-30 degree. The temperature of extrusion will be high if the extrusion outlet is lower when the other situation is same.

  3. The difference range of extrusion speed is 2~8M/min. Higher speed will make the temperature more higher when the other element is in the same.

  4. The temperature of squeeze barrel range: 10~20 degree. The profile outlet temperature is directly proportional to the extrusion barrel temperature. The difference in temperature rise ranges from 10 to 20 degrees.

  5. Extrusion ratios range from 10 to 20, and other conditions are consistent. The profile outlet temperature rises at random and the cylinder temperature rises. The temperature rise difference ranges from 10 to 20 ° C.

  6. Total, We should control the temperature of extrusion in 430~460 °C, Squeeze barrel is 390~420 °C, extrusion speed is 15.0~40.0m /min, and outlet is

    510~550 °C。 It’s easy to get the good quality aluminum extrusion with above situation. Also, it can help with improving the production efficiency and reduce the cost.



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