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The test equipment of aluminum profiles

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The test equipment of aluminum profiles

As the previous article, you know how Jia Hua control the quality for you. This article will tell you what kinds of equipment we use for testing the quality.


1. Spectrometers


Spectrometers, also known as spectrometers, are widely known as direct reading spectrometers. A device for measuring the intensity of different wavelength positions of a spectral line by a photodetector such as a photomultiplier tube. It consists of an entrance slit, a dispersion system, an imaging system and one or more exit slits. The dispersive element separates the electromagnetic radiation of the radiation source into a desired wavelength or wavelength region and performs intensity measurement at a selected wavelength (or scanning a certain wavelength band). Divided into two types of monochromatic and multicolor instrument.


2. Film test device


An eddy current thickness gauge for detecting the thickness of a non-conductive coating on various non-magnetic metal substrates. For example: aluminum profiles, aluminum sheets, aluminum tubes, aluminum-plastic sheets, anodized layers or coatings on the surface of aluminum profiles. The instrument is suitable for rapid and non-destructive film thickness inspection at the production site, at the sales site or at the construction site. Can be used for production inspection, acceptance inspection and quality supervision and inspection.

Film test device for powder coating aluminum profiles

3.Conductivity meter


Conductivity meter is a high-end water quality management and automation for medical multi-effect distilled water system, boiler bottom water, condensate, heat exchange system, industrial hot cleaning of mechanical parts, industrial circulating water and other high temperature environment. Controlled and developed a wide temperature range of online water quality analysis instruments. Usually used to test the water quality of spray coating, oxidation workshop washing

Conductivity meter


4. Tensile tester

The tensile testing machine is also known as the universal material testing machine. The universal testing machine is a mechanical augmenting test machine for testing mechanical properties such as static load, tensile, compression, bending, shearing, tearing and peeling of various materials. It is suitable for plastic sheets and pipes. Various physical and mechanical properties of materials such as profiled materials, plastic film and rubber, wire and cable, steel, glass fiber, etc. are developed for materials, and are indispensable testing equipment for physical property testing, teaching research, quality control, etc.

tensile tester for aluminum profiles


5. Webster hardness tester

The hardness of the Vickers hardness tester is determined by the standard spring test force. The hardness of the material is determined by the penetration depth of the needle. The penetration depth of 0.01 mm is defined as a Vickers hardness unit. . The Vickers hardness unit is expressed as HW.

Webster hardness tester for aluminum profiles


6. Aluminum profile full size automatic measuring equipment

However, some parts of the aluminum profiles is hard to be checked by the caliper. Then you will need the aluminum automatic measuring equipment. It can test the profiles by scan, which wills automatic making the drawing of the profiles. Then you will know the size of the profiles.

Aluminum profiles full size autmatic measuring equipment

7. Beam impact testing machine

The simply supported beam impact tester is used to measure the impact toughness of non-metallic materials such as rigid plastics, fiber reinforced composites, nylon, FRP, ceramics, cast stone, and plastic electrical insulating materials.


As you see in the above, Jia Hua has a set of complete test equipment. That’s mean; we can assure you get the qualified profiles. Jia Hua is the factories that are not only provide the profiles with the good price but also focuses on providing the good quality aluminum profiles for our customers.


Sometime, the client they will also ask us the provide the certification to them. It’s ok for us. Our test center they will check the quality base on the requirement of the client. After checking the profiles, we will generate factory report if the profiles pass the test. Also, we accept to send the profiles to the third test company for doing the test.


Contact us now for telling what standard you need?

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