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What is Curtain wall

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What is Curtain wall

Curtain wall is the outer wall of the building. It's not use for bearing the weight, which will be used for covering the build like curtain. It's widely use for decoration of the high rise building. The curtain wall is made by panel and a supporting structural system

1. According to the use occasions and uses, it is generally divided into

1). Construction Curtain wall

From an architectural point of view, enclosing a building so that it forms an indoor and outdoor boundary member is called an outer wall. Its functions are: bear a certain load, cover wind and rain, heat insulation, noise prevention, fire safety and so on.

2). Glass roof

The roof of the building with a lighting function made of glass material.

3.) Canopy

The canopy is a building device located above the entrance or exit of the building or above the top balcony for rain and high-altitude injuries.

First, according to the closed form: closed and open

2. According to the main support structure: component type, unit type, point support, full glass, intelligent breathing curtain wall (double curtain wall)

A. Component curtain wall

The column (or beam) of the component curtain wall is first installed on the main structure of the building, and then the beam (or column) is installed. The column and the beam form a sash. The panel material is processed into a unit component in the factory, and then fixed on the column and the beam. On the sash. The load on the panel material unit assembly is transmitted to the main structure through the column (or beam).

The component curtain wall is divided into:

a). Bright frame curtain wall: The frame of the metal frame is exposed on the frame supporting the curtain wall on the outer surface of the panel.

b). Hidden frame curtain wall: The frame of the metal frame is not exposed to the frame supporting curtain wall on the outer surface of the panel.

c). Semi-hidden frame curtain wall: The vertical or cross member of the metal frame is exposed to the frame supporting curtain wall on the outer surface of the panel.

Component Curtain wall profiles for high rise building

B. Unit curtain wall

1). Industrial production, high assembly precision, effective control of engineering construction cycle, obvious economic and social benefits.

2). The structure is sealed between the units, which is suitable for the displacement of the main structure and is suitable for super high-rise buildings and steel structure high-rise buildings.

3). It is not necessary to fill the sealant on site, and it is not affected by the weather.

4). It has excellent air tightness, water tightness, wind pressure deformation and plane deformation ability, which can achieve high environmental protection and energy saving requirements.

Main features of point-supported curtain wall:

1). The support structure is available in a variety of forms to meet the needs of architects and project owners for the effects of building structures and facades.

2). The structure is firm and beautiful, the components are compact and practical, and the metal structure can be integrated with the transparency of the glass, and the space inside and outside the building is harmonious and unified.

3). The glass and the connecting claw pieces are connected by ball joints, and have strong absorption and deformation ability.

Aluminum profiles for Unit Curtain wall

C. Full glass curtain wall

The all-glass curtain wall is a fully transparent, full-view glass curtain wall. Using the transparency of glass, the pursuit of the circulation and integration of the space inside and outside the building allows people to clearly see the entire structural system of the glass through the glass, making the structural system From the simple support to the display of its visibility, which shows the artistic, layered and three-dimensional sense of architectural decoration. The utility model has the characteristics of light weight, simple material selection, processing factory, quick construction, convenient maintenance and repair, and easy cleaning. Its effect on enriching the architectural façade effect is unmatched by other materials, and it is the embodiment of modern technology in architectural decoration.


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