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What’s the different of system windows and normal windows?

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What’s the different of system windows and normal windows?

What's the system windows?

System windows is a good design with high performance. It considers A series of important functions such as water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, sunshade, weather resistance, operating feel, etc. Also, the assembling machine, aluminum profiles, accessories, glass, etc.

In a word, system windows not just a simple window, which is a collection of high-quality materials and innovative technologies.

What's the difference?

1. Technology

Usually, the accessories will influence the quality of the windows. The normal window uses the traditional Corner to corner stitching processing and extrusion aluminum corner connection. Last Apply sealant. But they don’t use sealant for the aluminum profiles. Therefore, the water will enter the windows from the small gap. This processing cannot assure the Tightness.  

System window is adopted the casting aluminum corner and Hollow stainless steel pin glue injection. There are two advantages: 1. Expansion and tightening fixing technology,

glue injection sealing technology. Every casting aluminum corner is made with two types of aluminum casting accessories. This two accessories will auto-open when the stainless steel hollow pin assemble. With the matching tolerance of the corner pinholes and the profile pinholes, the two 45-degree spliced profiles are firmly tightened and fixed. After fixed, apply sealant with the hole of the pin. After the glue injection is completed, the 45-degree splice of the profile is completely sealed with glue from the inside of the cavity. In this way, the gap between the corner code and the profile cavity is completely sealed, effectively ensuring the good airtightness of the system doors and windows.

2. Stable and good performance

Jia Hua has our own technology department. They will strictly test every part of the system window and doors to keep it stable. A system window design needs 2-3 years. And we need to check the quality and performance of the window.

About the normal window, it’s simple to make it. It just needs to assemble series part of accessories base on your need. Therefore, it’s easy to get the different quality of the window. So you will meet any problem when you use these windows.

3. flexibility

The system window is a standard product. Every part of the window is set to base on a different function. The structure of the channel and the material have their unique characteristic.

Normal windows can choose corresponding accessories and aluminum materials according to your requirements. If you temporarily want to replace another part, you can also open a new mould to produce a new profile replacement. Compare the flexibility, normal window is better than system windows. 

4. Cost

As we know that we need to spend 2-3 years to develop a new design of system window. And the material of the system window is unique. Therefore, a system window is more expensive than tradition windows.

Take China as an example, the price of better system doors and windows on the market is about 1,000 yuan per square meter, and the price is only about 200 yuan per square meter more expensive than high-quality ordinary doors and windows.

So the builder will prefer to apply the normal windows, which is simple and lower cost. However, the real estate homogenization is serious now, so the system doors and windows can be used as one of the selling points to attract more consumers.

We believe that system doors and windows and intelligent doors and windows will become a new trend. If you want to know more about system windows and doors, please feel free to contact us.


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