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What’s the per meter weight of aluminum profiles?

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What’s the per meter weight of aluminum profiles?

There are two types of aluminum profiles business. One is settle the payment by theoretical weight. The other one is Actual weight.


Theoretical Weight:

Theoretical weight is calculated which is a estimate weight. Jia Hua factory will point it out on the drawing. So it also call drawing weight.

 It is use the per meter weight(point out on the drawing) of aluminum profile to calculate total weight of the whole order. And then settle the payment with that weight. The way no need to measure the weight after finish the production of aluminum profiles. Just need to check the the final PCS of aluminum profiles is it same as the contract,


Actual weight: The exact weight of aluminum profiles. It use Weight measuring tool to measure the weight.

 First to use the per meter weight on drawing to calculate the total weight of this order and estimate total amount. And then pay the deposit with this weight and amount. After finish the production and measure the actual weight of aluminum profiles. Use the weight we measure to re-calculate the total weight and total amount. And pay the balance.


The different is should we need to measure the aluminum profiles after finished the production. And the total amount is calculate by the drawing weight or actual weight? 

So per meter weight(drawing weight) is very important in the aluminum business. How we calculate it?  

The formal of drawing weight:  Area of aluminum cross section * Aluminum profile density /1000 =  Per meter weight


Cross-sectional area: Total area of cross-sectional of aluminum profiles. But most of aluminum profiles is irregular. So we will CAD to calculate it.

Density of aluminum profiles: We usually use the 6063 and 6061 Alloy. Its density is 2.7KG/m³.


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