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What's your requirement of packing?

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What's your requirement of packing?

Packing is very important for the long time shipping. You can avoid the crash during the shipment with a good protect packing. Therefore you should read this article to know more way of packing. Jia Hua will meet different requirement of packing from our customer every day. So our factory have the rich experience of solving the problem of packing. The below is the common use package of aluminum profiles. 


1. Jia Hua Standard Packing:

Stick the film on the surface. Then the aluminum profiles will be wrapped into a bundle by the shrink film. Sometimes, the customer they ask to add a pearl foam inside cover the aluminum profiles. Shrink film can have your logo.


Standard Packing

2. Paper Packing

Stick the film on the surface. Then the number of aluminum profiles will be wrapped into a bundle by the paper. You can add your logo on the paper. There have two option of paper. Roll of Kraft paper and straight Kraft paper. The way of using of two kinds of paper is different. Check the picture in the below you will know it.

Paper Packing

Last but not least, the thickness of the paper can be different. It will influence the weight of paper. Jia Hua standard weight of straight Kraft paper is 60KG

3. Standard packing + Carton

The aluminum profiles will be packed with the standard packing. And then pack in the carton. Last add the wooden board around the carton. Or let the carton load the Wooden pallets.

Carton packing

4. Standard Packing + Wooden Board

First it will be packed in standard packing. And then add the wooden aboard around as the bracket. In this way, the customer they can use the forklift to unload the aluminum profiles. That can help them save the cost.


However, they will change the standard packing to reduce the cost. For example, they just need stick the film. Cancel the shrink film.


Here are a few points to note:

  1. Every wooden strip is same size and length in the same one bundle.

  2. The distance between the wooden strips must be equal.

  3. The wooden strip must be stacked on the wooden strip when loading. It cannot be directly pressed over the aluminum profile. This will crush and smear the aluminum profile.

  4. Before the packing and loading, the packing department should calculate the CBM and weight first. If not it will waste many space.


The below is the picture of correct packing

Wooden Board

Wooden Board2

5. Standard Packing + Wooden Box

First it will be packed with standard packing. And then pack in the wooden box. There also will have the wooden board around the wooden box for the forklift. The cost of this packing is higher than the other one. Please notice that there must have the foam inside the wooden box to prevent the crash.


Wooden box

The above is just the common packing. Of course, there are many different packing way. We appreciate to hear your requirement. Contact us now. Do you want to know how to loading on the container if with the special packing? Follow us, please. We will update it in the next article.


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