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What will influence the lifetime of aluminum profiles?

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What will influence the lifetime of aluminum profiles?

As we know that aluminum profiles are applied in many industry. Such as the worktable, assembly line workbenches, industrial equipment protective fences, doors and windows and curtain wall profiles in the construction field, etc. Due to its high corrosion, lone life time, and Strong hardness, it’s widely use in many places. But do you know what will influence its lifetime? 

1. It will influenced by the low quality of sealing material. The accuracy can not reach the requirement. And the gap of assemble is too big. The parts that need to be assembled after bonding are directly assembled without sealing materials, causing scratches or other substances to easily penetrate into the aluminum profile and the main structure through various assembly gaps.

2. The design of waterproof structure is not reasonable. And waterproof part is not enough. When the aluminum profiles are exposed to the sun under the effect of wind stress. The water is easy to enter the inner cavity of aluminum profiles. But it can not exhausted outside and caused water in the cavity of aluminum extrusion profiles. And then it may cause the anodized in cavity. 

3. The Structural strength and rigidity fail to meet the index requirements of wind pressure resistance at the location. It will make the stressed rods, hardware fittings, seals and bonding materials of aluminum profiles will produce serious plastic deformation, cracking or damage under normal wind loads, which will cause the sealing failure of the aluminum profile body and cause exposure and oxidation.

We will do the anodized finish for the aluminum profiles, which are used for the cover or indoor industry machine. The anodized aluminum profiles will have a longer lifetime. And it have a good performance of protecting the machines can work normal. 

But if the aluminum extrusion with low quality anodizing surface finish, the surface of aluminum profiles will have some dark spot and other problem. It will influence the performance of aluminum profiles. Jia Hua have adopted the advance anodized machine. It's controled by the computer. That's mean it can control the quality of anodzing well. We are committed to help the customer get the high quality aluminum profiles. Contact us now if you want to knwo our price.


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