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What will influence the quality of industrial aluminum profiles

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What will influence the quality of industrial aluminum profiles

Sometimes, you will find some cheap quality industrial aluminum profile on the market. That’s will influence the final product if you use these profiles. For example, a cheap quality industrial aluminum profiles used for a worktable frame, the worktable is easy be broken. Cause the profiles can not afford much weight. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to the quality during production. Such as, Aluminum alloy, aluminum casting, aluminum extrusion etc.

Below is the four main element will influence the quality.

1. Alloy Element

6063 aluminum alloy is the main composition for the Al-Mg-Si aluminum alloy. Every element for the alloy will have a standard range. Sometimes, some suppliers will cut the composition of Mg to save the cost. What the bad is some suppliers will add the scrap electric line or scrap aluminum case. So it aluminum profiles have soft surface which can be bend by hand. Jia Hua factory have the standard for making the composition of aluminum alloy. We are strict with the GB standard. Every factory have their own standard for making the alloy. And it the secret in their factory

2. Aluminum casting

The processing of making 6063 aluminum alloy is a important for it. Also, the Melting furnace. Some supplier use the original crucible boiler. There are coal-fired, oil-fired, gas-fired and electrically heated smelting furnaces. Some stoves have chimneys, and others have no chimneys. Usual, the square furnace are popular. And there are advanced round furnace. The round furnace can pour aluminum water.  

Some furnace will add a Standing furnace. It is mainly used to prepare 6063 alloy, which can be degassed and degassed in the furnace, and allowed to stand, and then cast aluminum rods for extrusion. The quality of the alloy prepared in the original coal-burning furnace and the modern round furnace is different. In general furnaces, no matter what kind of fuel is burned, there should be a chimney, and most of the waste gas residue generated during the combustion of fuel can be discharged from the chimney. If the waste slag of the smokeless tube is completely melted in aluminum water, the aluminum rod for extrusion is cast, and there are serious slag inclusion bubbles inside. This is one of the reasons for the poor quality of the aluminum profile, and it is also one of the reasons for the cheap aluminum price.

3. Aluminum Melting

Nowadays, it is more common for general factories to use horizontal casting (also known as continuous casting) and semi-continuous casting. Semi-continuous casting has most of the wire rope transmission and good hydraulic transmission. The length of semi-continuous casting rods varies from 3 meters, 4 meters to 8 meters. Semi-continuous casting is a pit type. It is descended while casting, and it is cooled with cold water on all sides. Because of the uniform cooling around the water, the crystal structure of the cast rod is even and fine. However, the downward transmission of the steel wire rope is not as stable as the hydraulic transmission, and the surface of the hydraulically cast casting rod is smoother than that of other casting rods. The smooth surface of the cast rod is one of the prerequisites for extruding the profile. The surface of the cast rods cast by other methods is relatively rough. In order to ensure the quality of the profile, sometimes the cast rods are first cut, and the cast rods are roughened. The currently used semi-continuous casting molds are advanced, hot-top leveling casting molds. The characteristics of this casting mold can be cast from several to dozens at a time. At the same time, the casting quality is good. With high-quality 6063 aluminum alloy casting rods Only in this way can it be possible to produce good aluminum profiles. If it is impossible to cast good cast rods with original and obsolete casting equipment, it is impossible to produce good aluminum profiles. There are many aluminum profile factories in China that do not have equipment for producing aluminum rods. Instead, they purchase 6063 alloy rods from electric aluminum plants or other factories. In such an aluminum plant, the quality of aluminum profiles is in the hands of the casting rod factory. The aluminum produced It is difficult to achieve stable quality. The use of backward equipment is more important than the use of advanced casting equipment. First, the investment is small and the production cost is low. This is also one of the reasons why the price difference of aluminum profiles is large.

4. Aluminum extrusion

There are many kinds of aluminum extrusion machine in China. Some are produced in China. And most of the others imported from Taiwan, Japan, German, or USA. Jia Hua now are adopt the Taiwan machine for extrusion. And there are 23 extrusion production machine in our factory.

The quenching of metal is mean the Metal goes through high temperature to low temperature. For example, Steel knife should be quenched in the water. That can make it harder and sharper. Aluminum profile need to stay some time in ageing furnace for quenching. And then crystallization of aluminum alloy inside will re-arrangement.  

So it can improve the mechanical properties of the alloy.

To make the better quality industrial aluminum profiles, we should pay more attention to those problem we will meet during production. Jia Hua has a quality test center to control the quality. Every day have a test for the aluminum alloy.

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