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advantageous and disadvantageous of casement window and door

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advantageous and disadvantageous of casement window and door

As you can see the casement window and door is everywhere. As the most common use open style for windows and doors. Casement window and door is widely use in our life. And it is also the earliest way to open the window or door.  Do you the advantageous and disadvantageous of casement window and door? 


Casement window is the first design in the beginning. And it also is the shape of the door. They just need the door can prevent the dust and wind enter the door. So the sealing of casement window is better than sliding window. It add a rubber around the door, which can have a good performance of prevent. 


Casement window is better. Aluminum casement window is made by the firm material. And it can add a safe lock. So it more safe than other design of window.

Much Material option 

There are many kinds of material can use for making casement window. Such wood, glass, plastic. Etc So the price of casement window have much different. It’s more convenient for the customer to choose the suitable one. Aluminum as a one of good material for casement window. Now it become a trending. It have long life time, high corrosion and much colorful surface which can meet many needs of customer.

The disadvantageous of casement window

 1. Single style. Regarding the flat door, its application method is very simple, while its style will be relatively simple. Swing doors can only be used by flat pulling, which is destined to be only within one scale. And must meet the height of the door frame.

 2. Low space utilization rate: The use of swing doors requires a certain amount of space to be occupied, and the occupied space cannot be used twice. This may be very inconvenient for small-sized apartment owners who require relatively high space. Moreover, the requirements for hardware fittings of side-hung doors are relatively high. Because of frequent use, the utilization rate of door cutters is very high. It is necessary to select better quality, otherwise it will reduce the service life of the door.


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