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  • Which profile is good for kitchen cabinets?
    Kitchen cabinets are very common in life, and kitchen cabinet panels have become the focus of people’s attention. There are many aluminum kitchen cabinet profiles. If you want to choose a cost-effective product, you need to know more about the classification of kitchen cabinet panels. Below, jiahua
  • Which colour is best for aluminium window?
    Read this article you will know what is the color for aluminum window? And how to choose the best aluminium color for your aluminum window. The natural color of aluminum profiles is the silver white color. But we can cover the aluminium colour on the surface by different kinds of surface treatment.
  • How do you use aluminium profile?
    May you are not know well with aluminum profiles. So some customer they don’t know how to use aluminum profiles. It’s better to know the type of aluminum products before you use it. Before using them, we need to know what the uses of aluminium products are in order to avoid using them in the wrong
  • How do you create an aluminum profile?
    As you found that the aluminum profiles is all around our lie. But do you know how it be created? Aluminum is metal material with Highly malleable Characteristics now is widely use in our life. Today Gawain will show you how to create an custom aluminum extrusion. Our Jia Hua is the aluminium extru
  • How Does the Anodizing Process Work?
    As we see, the aluminum profiles got many kinds of color. Powder coating is to make the aluminum profiles cover a powder surface. And wood grain is to make the aluminum profiles Obtaining the grain of the wood by means of a heat transfer technique. But do you know How anodized finish work? Follow us
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