●  Project name: Pan Pacific

●  Project location:  Marina Centre,Sigapore            

●  Name: Hard Rock Hotel

●  Prodcut: 70 casement series aluminium window system .white color powder coating surface finish 

During our discussion, our R&D team they help to develop a new and unique aluminum casement window system 70 series. This new window system meet their demand and solve all the question the designer they concern about. 

In the begining, we are think about to save the cost for our client when we got the drawing from builder. Then we find the suitable aluminum window system for the project. But after a discussion with builder. we found that the window system we suggest is not familar with locate user. So our team they redeisgn it and send the drawing to our client for confirm. The client they also surprise that we do for them is very professional and good service. We are the only supplier who design a new window sytem for them. All the supplier they contact only ask them to accept their old window system. 

After the confirm every details with our client, we start to make a new mold for it. And test it, make sure size, mechanical performance and chemical composition without any quality issue. Last the QC they will make JIAHUA quality test report to show to our client for all the details. After that we send the sample to our clienty. Client they received the sample and make mock up test. They will wait for their(Builder, Developers,Designers) approve 



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